AFGR Chapter News December

Joyeux Noël! Bonne Année!

Winter French Discussion Group

Linda FitzGerald and Carolyn Chapman are planning a discussion group in February or March 2019 focusing on the Federation recommended novel La Tête en friche by Marie-Sabine Roger. Please note this is in French.

The novel is about an illiterate handyman who meets a highly educated elderly woman and the friendship they develop.

Our discussion group will be open to AF members who have learned any level of French. The discussion will be in French. After you have made your best attempt to read the novel, if this is a daunting task for you, the story has been made into a French movie called My Afternoons with Margueritte.

Please email Carolyn if you have any questions or think you might be interested in joining the discussion group. The size of the group will help us determine the location of the meeting. The date will be announced in the January newsletter.


AFGR Book Club

The next book club selection is Mastering the Art of French Living (2018), by Mark Greenside, a short and humorous depiction of living among the French.

We will be meeting on Tuesday, January 8 at 5:30pm at Schulers.

France TV online

This website gives access to a lot of French programming, including daily news programs. Some programming that appears available actually isn’t due to broadcasting agreements. Subtitles are available in French (not in English).

France 24 News online

Another wonderful source for keeping up with all things French. This site is in English and is available as an app for iPad and iPhone as well.

A sample of the paintings of Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun