AFGR Book Club latest selection

The AF de GR book club met this past Tuesday to discuss Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran.

We had a lively discussion about the life and activities of Anna Maria Grosholtz ( the future Madame Tussaud) during the 5 years around the time of the French Revolution.

This historical novel gave us a better understanding of how wax figures and their setting were used as a source of news on fashion, gossip and even politics for the common people as well as the King and Queen. Anna Maria had a glimpse of life at the court by teaching Princess Elizabeth, but also the revolutionary events by being forced to cast wax models of recently decapitated acquaintances during the Revolution. Caught in the middle between the court and the outside world, how these events affected Anna Maria's loyalties presented an interesting topic of discussion.

For those interested in a more personal view of the French Revolution, I would highly recommend this fascinating story.

Marijke Wiersema, book club moderator