One Book One Federation selection for 2017


As a way of encouraging French literacy around the world, the Fédération des Alliances offers a program that suggests one French-language book for all Alliance members around the world to read, enjoy and have in common. 

This year’s selection is a roman policier (crime story) and comes with a twist: the Police Chief is a woman! La Commissaire n’aime point les vers by George Flipo

Police Chief Viviane Lancier isn’t exactly the poetry-loving type, but here she finds herself embroiled in a murderous affair with poetry at its heart. . . .

A homeless man who looks exactly like Victor Hugo is found assassinated in front of the l’Académie française; an erotic sonnet by Baudelaire becomes the calling card of a serial killer . . . as if she didn’t have enough problems on her hands, what with an ex who pesters her and her constant diets that drive her insane, and now she has to deal with literature to boot! Help comes in the person of Augustin Monot, her new lieutenant. He may be as bumbling as he is suave and well-read, but he manages to lend an appreciated hand to the Chief in this piquant investigation.

The plot of this engaging novel is full of action, intrigue, unexpected turns and a dry sense of humor. The characters are appealing and you will be rooting for them all along. The book was selected for its simple style, straightforward vocabulary and plot line, and will, as such, reach a wide audience of Alliance Française members. The French is accessible and suitable for B1 and B2 language students. This novel can be used in a book club setting or as the basis for a course around the “roman noir” and French crime fiction.

A complete study guide is available here and on the the One Book One Federation Facebook page . It includes a synopsis, biographical material, discussion questions and vocabulary lists.

Purchase the book online at MEP/Schoenhof’s Books .

Oh, and French classes begin next week. "Refresh Your French" begins Tuesday, September 19 and "Converse in French" begins Thursday, September 21. Registration info available on our website.