News for the week of January 28

Reminder: This year's Mardi Gras celebration will be held at 6:30pm on February 13, at the Villas of Ada Clubhouse, 830 Bridge Crest Drive, just off Ada Drive.  

Une soirée de conversation!  Come join us for an evening of French conversation.  Beginners through advanced - all are welcome.  Wed. Feb. 7 from 6:45 to 8:00 at 1825 Weymouth Dr. SE, Grand Rapids.   Wine and a light hors d'oeuvre will be served.  Je vous attends! For more information please contact Linda Fitzgerald at or 616-827-7214. Please RSVP by Tuesday, Feb. 6.

Our next book club selection for March 20 at Schuler's was is Billie, a story about a unique friendship between two young people. The book was the  number one best seller in France by French author Anna Gavalda.  For more information please contact Marijke Wiersma.

From the New York Review of Books: Fragonard's Merry Company

"In Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s 'fantasy portraits,' his congenial sitters are caught mid-stream in a range of pleasurable, intimate activities. The spontaneity and speed of his performance are palpable: hues are blended wet on wet; brush strokes retain their traces; the tip of his brush inscribes zig-zag scribbles deep into the impasto of ruffs, collerettes, and sleeves." Read the full story

How well do you know Paris?

Today we look at the 5th arrondissement.

1. Who was the first king to make Paris the seat of his kingdom?

A. Saint Louis
B. Clovis
C.. Charlemagne

2. What artist is responsible for the sundial inlaid in the wall of 27 rue Saint-Jacques?

A. Salvador Dali
B. Hector Guimard
C. Jean Tinguely

3. Who is the patron saint of Paris?

A. Saint Anne
B. Saint Cécile
. Saint Geneviéve

4. What were the "moffettes" whose memory the rue Mouffetard evokes?

A. Prostitutes
B. Pestilent odors
. Honeycombs

5. What metro station evokes a mathematician who created descriptive geometry?

A. Place-Monge
B. Censier-Daubenton
. Jussieu

Answers to last week's quiz on the 4th arrondissement: 1. B; 2. C, Hugo lived at no. 6; 3. A, it’s barely 2m wide; 4. C; 5.  C, 500. 

Stories from Paris cemeteries. . .