News for the week of January 14

Reminder: This year's Mardi Gras celebration will be held at 6:30pm on February 13, at the Villas of Ada Clubhouse, 830 Bridge Crest Drive, just off Ada Drive.  

How well do you know Paris?

Today we look at the 3rd arrondissement.

1. What is a "rambuteau"?

A. A coachman's whip.
B. A public urinal.
C. A gas sdtreetlight.

2. What is the construction date of the oldest house in Paris, situated at 51 rue de Montmorency?

A. 1074.
B. 1407.
C. 1740.

3. What is the specialty of the musée Cognaq-Jay, located in the hôtel de Donon?

A. The history of wireless communication.
B. The decorative art of the 18th century.
. The history of medieval Paris.

4. Who are the "Filles du Calvaire" that figure on the street signs of the boulevard that forms the border of the 11th arrondissement?

A. Prostitutes.
B. Martyrs.
. Nuns.

5. What letter writer lived in a hôtel that she called her "carnavalette" (little carnival)?

A. The comtesse de Ségur.
B. Ninon de Lenclos.
. The marquise de Sévigné.

Answers to last week's quiz on the 2nd arrondissement: 1, C, there were 12 courts in all; 2, all three are correct; 3, C; 4, B; 5, B false, it originated in England.

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