News for the week of April 22


Une soirée de conversation - part deux! Fluent or beginner - like to talk or just listen - everyone is welcome.  Come for conversation, wine and light hors d'oeuvre on Wednesday April 25 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

Chez la Porte Rouge
1825 Weymouth Drive SE
Grand Rapids  49508

Please RSVP by Mon. April 23  to Linda FitzGerald at or 827-7214


How well do you know Paris? Today we look at the 17th arrondissement.

1. What woman’s face did Bartholdi first use as a model for the Statue of Liberty?

A. His mother’s.
B. His mistress’s.
C. Sarah Bernhardt’s.

2. What do the names of the Villiers, Monceau and Courcelles metro stations recall?

A. Old villages and hamlets.
B. Marshals of the Empire.
C. Victories of the Napoleonic army.

3. Where did Nana, the Zola heroine, live?

A. Rue de Tocqueville.
B. Avenue des Villiers.
C. Boulevard Malesherbes.

4. How many avenues open onto the place Charles-de-Gaulle?

A. 11.
B. 12.
C. 13.

5. What is the official name of the square in which the Arc de triomphe stands?

A. Place d’Étoile.
B. Place Charles-de-Gaulle.
C. Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées.

Answers can be found at the end of the newsletter.

Travel in France: Dordogne 

Answers: A, Bartholdi’s mother Augusta Charlotte; 2. A, ancient villages annexed to the city in 1860; 3. B, Avenue des Villiers; 4. 12; 5. B, formerly the place de l’Étoile it was rechristened place Charles-de-Gaulle in 1970.