News for the week of March 18

Our next book club selection for March 20 at Schuler's was is Billie, a story about a unique friendship between two young people. The book was the  number one best seller in France by French author Anna Gavalda.  For more information please contact Marijke Wiersema.

How well do you know Paris? Today we look at the 12th arrondissement.

1. What Luc Besson film contains a scene shot in the gare de Lyon’s Le Train Bleu restaurant?

A. The Big Blue.
B. Nikita.
C. Subway.

2. What is the parc de Bercy’s “canyonaustrate”?

A. A 10m-high robot.
B. A waterfall.
C. A multiplex cinema.

3. The group of sculpted figures adorning the center of the place de la Nation is entitled The Triumph of the Republic. What is the feminine figure symbolizing the republic perched on?

A. A throne.
B. A globe.
C. An arc de triomphe.

4. What is the width of the narrowest Parisian way?

A. o.35m
B. 0.87m
C. 1.15m

5. Where does the name Picpus, used by a road, a boulevard and a cemetery, come from?

A. From a property owner whose land the road goes through.
B. From an epidemic of itch.
C. From a train company that had its headquarters in the quarter.

Answers can be found at the end of the newsletter.

Answers to last week's quiz on the 11th arrondissement: 1. B, associates Richard and Lenoir; 2. A, one vine and live in Paris; 3. B, Jules Verne; 4. A, a chapel painted entirely in a trompe-l’oeil; 5. B, foundations for supports of the guillotine near where the Roquette prison once stood. 

Travel in France: Strasbourg

Answers: 1. B, Nikita; 2. B, water cascades into a naturally formed canyon; 3. B, a ball or globe; 4. B, o.87m wide; 5. B, epidemic of a skin rash.