News for the week of February 18

Our next book club selection for March 20 at Schuler's was is Billie, a story about a unique friendship between two young people. The book was the  number one best seller in France by French author Anna Gavalda.  For more information please contact Marijke Wiersma.

How well do you know Paris?

Today we look at the 8th arrondissement.

1. What did the Champs-Élysées look like from 1833 to 1860?

A. A racetrack
B. A battlground
C. A fairgrounds

2. What are the inhabitants of the Champs-Élysées called?

A. Élyéens
B. Champélyséens
C. Élysiens

3. What type of urinals did early 20th century Parisians see appear along the Champs-Élysées?

A. Urinals for women called "dalmatiennes."
B. Moving urinals with wheels
. Art nouveau-style urinals

4. In what way is the Madeleine different form other churches?

A. It lacks a bell tower
B. It isn't oriented to the east
. It has no altar

5. Where does the cabaret du Lido get its name?

A. From a Venetian beach.
B. From a Roman goddess
. From a Sicilian singer.

Answers to last week's quiz on the 7th arrondissement: 1. C; 2.  B, teaching of the blind; 3. C, rhinoceros, a horse and an elephant; 4. A, Dante; 5. C, Saint Vincent de Paul

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