News for the week of February 11

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Women Artists in Paris, 1850-1900 traveling exhibition and catalogue

"Paris was the epicenter of art during the latter half of the nineteenth century, luring artists from around the world with its academies, museums, salons, and galleries. Despite the city’s cosmopolitanism and its cultural stature, Parisian society remained strikingly conservative, particularly with respect to gender. Nonetheless, many women artists chose to work and study in Paris at this time, overcoming immense obstacles to access the city’s resources.

Women Artists in Paris, 1850-1900 showcases the remarkable artistic production of women during this period of great cultural change, revealing the breadth and strength of their creative achievements." Read more

The exhibition recently finished in Denver last month and heads for the Speed Museum in Louisville, KY before ending the tour at the Clark in Williamstown, MA.

Chapter news

Reminder: This year's Mardi Gras celebration will be held at 6:30pm on February 13, at the Villas of Ada Clubhouse, 830 Bridge Crest Drive, just off Ada Drive.  

Our next book club selection for March 20 at Schuler's was is Billie, a story about a unique friendship between two young people. The book was the  number one best seller in France by French author Anna Gavalda.  For more information please contact Marijke Wiersma.

How well do you know Paris?

Today we look at the 7th arrondissement.

1. In 1800 the Parisian sewers essentially consisted of a 20 km network. Over what distance doe their passages run today?

A. 651 km
B. 1877 km
C. 2389 km

2. What do the collections of the musée de Valetin-Haüy evoke?

A. The saga of the gold rush
B. The teaching of the blind
C. Progress in the field of biochemistry

3. What animal sculptures greet visitors to the musée d'Orsay?

A. A unicorn, a sphinx anda dragon
B. A giraffe, a lion and a peacock
C. A rhinoceros, a horse and an elephant

4. Among the most famous of Rodin's works shown at his museum is the renowned Thinker. Who is he and what is he thinking about?

A. Dante, thinking of his poem, Inferno
B. Balzac, fine-tuning the psychological profile of one of his heroes
C. Apollo, asking himself how to seduce the nymph Coronis

5. Two steps form the metro Vanneau, a small chapel houses a mummy. Whose?

A. Henry IV's
B. Jean-François Champollion's
C. Saint Vincent de Paul's

Answers to last week's quiz on the 6th arrondissement: 1. B, 5; 2. A, sculpture; 3. C, a room where one sings; 4. A Benedictine monk 5. B, ice cracking.

Joyeuse Saint Valentin!