News for the week of December 31

Bonne année!

The upcoming AF Grand Rapids Mardi Gras party is scheduled for February 13 (Fat Tuesday) -- more details next week!

Last call for Winter French Class registrations so if you're looking to bone up on your language skills, head on over to the French Classes page.

How well do you know Paris?

Over the next few weeks we'll be testing your knowledge of the City of Light; answers will be printed the week following each quiz. Up first, questions about the 1st arrondissement:

1. What do the bas-reliefs on the Vendôme Column depict?

A. The Austrian Campaign.
B. The Egyptian Campaign.
c. The Italian Campaign.

2. What shape is the Tuileries pool closest to the place de la Concorde?

A. Round.
B. Square.
C. Octagonal.

3. What décor adorns the ceilings of Sainte-Chapelle?

A. A midnight blue sky sprinkled with golden stars.
B. A fresco showing God on a cloud, surrounded by angels flying through a clear sky.
C. Scenes from the life of christ.

4. Under the reign of what monarch was the Louvre started in 1190>

A. Philippe Auguste
B. Philippe le Bel
C. Saint Louis

5. What is unique about the rue de Viarmes?

A. It is the only circular road in Paris.
B. There are no house numbers on the fronts of the houses along it.
C. It is the oldest paved road in Paris.

Travel in France: Oradour-sur-Glane

On 10 June 1944, the village of Oradour-sur-Glane in Haute-Vienne in Nazi-occupied France was destroyed, and all of its 642 inhabitants, including women and children, were massacred by a German Waffen-SS company. A new village was built nearby after the war, but French president Charles de Gaulle ordered the original maintained as a permanent memorial and museum. Incredibly powerful and poignant. . .