News for the week of December 24

Joyeux Noël!

Travel in France: Lille

Last year we visited our niece Christina and her family living in the city center and it was a wonderful experience. The two of us took the train directly from Charles de Gaulle airport to Lille where we were met by our niece and her children.

Lille is very walkable and very people friendly -- if you're ever standing in line at the Meert pastry shop and a woman with glasses starts chatting with you like you're a local that's probably Marie-Claire. Tell her the French Tarte and her husband say bonjour! Oh, and if you're looking for good food, any of these would do just fine:

l’Arbre a Gand
La Bottega
l’Assiette du Marche
Le Pain Quotidien

Life is short. Go to France.

The city's Eastern Cemetery, near the Gare de Lille Europe is a truly lovely place for a stroll. The people you'll meet along the way. . . well, you can see for yourself: