Paris falafel war and a French butter shortage

From Los Angeles TimesIn Paris falafel war, it's neighbor vs. neighbor in the city's changing Jewish quarter.

They line up like pilgrims at a sacred site and cradle the famous offering in their hands, swaddled in paper and napkins that soon prove Read the full story

And from the The New York TimesFrance, Land of Croissants, Finds Butter Vanishing From Shelves

A price spike has led to sporadic shortages in one of the world’s most butter-loving countries, prompting both mock panic and real anxiety. Read the full story

CNN calls it a "croissant crisis,"  and French chefs and home cooks are not taking France's butter shortage lightly. CNN's Jim Bittermann reports. Read the full story

Beaujolais Nouveau Fête

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More "The Dinner at Nonna's" photos

To see all the photos Joel took that Sunday evening at Nonna's, go to our website, locate the Flikr icon (round gray dot with two white dots inside) on the upper right side of our Home Page (above the image of the Seine), and click on it. You can see photos from all our events by then clicking on "Photostream", or just specific events by clicking on "Albums". Thanks, Joel, for preserving the evening in photos.