News for the week of January 7

Mardi Gras!

This year's Mardi Gras celebration will be held at 6:30pm on February 13, at the Villas of Ada Clubhouse, 830 Bridge Crest Drive, just off Ada Drive.  

How well do you know Paris?

This week's quiz focuses on the 2nd arrondissement.

1. The place du Caire is located on the site of the old cour des Miracles (the court of Miracles) Where does the name of this famous court come from?

A. St. Louis performed miraculous healings at the spot.
B. Small shows called "miracles" were performed there for the passerby.
C. It was a meeting place of beggars who faked being maimed.

2. What is unique about the rue de Degrés?

A. There are no doorways along its sides.
B. It is the shortest in Paris.
C. It's in the form of stairs.

3. What is  the longest covered arcade in the capital?

A. The passage des Panoramas. 
B. The passage du Grand-Cer.
C. The passage du Caire.

4. At no. 13 galerie Vivienne lived Vidocq, who was. . . 

A. a detective in the service of the emperor.
B. a convict who became the chief of police.
C. a policeman who became a gentleman bandit, head of a band of policemen robbers.

5. The croque-monsieur, a dish on the menu of every Parisian brasserie, was born in the 2nd arrondissement. True or false?

Answers for last's week's quiz on the 1st arrondissement: 1, A, the Austrian Campaign; 2, C, octagonal; 3, A, midnight blue ceilings; 4, A, Philippe Auguste; and 5, circular road.

"Mourning in Paris"

Incredibly insightful this wonderful essay is not as depressing as it sounds, and in fact it's quite upbeat. The focus on the impact of Impressionism on one's spirit is elevating and illuminating.

"Paris is a good place to mourn. I would say this even if my uncle Richard hadn’t lived there, but all the more so that he had." 

Read more. . . 

Finally, a short trip to the airshow at Le Bourget in 2017: